and it's fake oldie problem


It has been well known and established on that I am a very blunt person, and I don't take bullshit as an answer. A prevalent example of this is when people claim to be an oldie on the platform. I don't know who needs to know this, but you can't believe everything somebody says on the Internet.

While some might see lying about being an oldie as something useless, newbies seem to think differently. Usually on sites, games, and services, you can guess that someone who has been on for a longer peroid of time is more experienced, and potentially more trustworthy. That's the important key word here: trustworthy.

Newbies seem to think that if they can convince the userbase that they are a veteran user, that they will automatically seen as a sort of grand elder of the platform, and be told things normal users wouldn't. They don't seem to understand that you need proof to back up your claim, which none of them ever do. I believe a majority of them use this method to try and get information about the "cult" or any secret things they think we might be hiding (spoilers: we aren't hiding anything).

It's usually pretty damn easy to spot these idiots, especially when you are well versed in history like me. It's an instant red flag when someone has empty information, and even bigger when they have to publicly exclaim in GZ that they haven't been on the program in a "long time". It's also pretty obvious when the only three names they can ever pull out of their butt as people they knew were the three that are still online and known very much about: SirGemini, Jimbly, and Fallen_Angel.

This is why if you see me calling out someone for being a fake oldie on, I'm very harsh and blunt with my words. I don't have the tolerance for liars that only want to gain, and I don't want others to be fooled by their shotty attempts. If it's not just the "secrets" that don't exist, it's the fake status symbol they'll try to propogate and mislead new users. Real oldies don't come online and vocalize that the "game" is still online and that they haven't "played" in a long time.

If you are new and coming to for the first time, do yourself a favor and just be honest that you are new. No one but already existing morons will think less of you, and regulars will most likely help you get started and be friendly. We are only assholes to those who deserve it.

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