Shit to Avoid

This page lists a multitude of things that I personally believe people should avoid. If you think something is missing from this list or are upset by the inclusion of something on this list, you may CONTACT ME. Be aware that I personally curate and vet for this list and investigate all claims for and against it.

Ares OS
Maintained by DeVault.
Asahi Linux
Maintained by Hector Martin and his alter ego. He makes incredibly standard-breaking changes and stomps his feet when they don't get applied to the Linux kernel or other standardized projects.
Web browser by Google that calls to home so often, you might as well just browse porn without incognito. Recently, they are trying to force Manifest v3, which is an extension kit version that is more restrictive. Considering Google also owns an ad company, this seems like an attempt to break adblockers.
A large ISP service that lies about its tier and is on a censorship campaign against "hate", despite their CEO claiming to be against moderating the Internet.
Daniel Micay
Micay is an aggressive asshole and liar who is in charge of GrapheneOS. He claims his former partner at Copperhead Limited James Donaldson hijacked the company, when Micay has stolen the /r/copperheados subreddit, made fallacious edits to the CopperheadOS wikipedia page, and lied about them being a scam. Micay has also been banned from the AOSP for harassing members of CalyxOS. He and his cohorts have been responsible for the harassment and slandering of Seth Simmons, a respected member of the Monero community, all because he decided to switch to CopperheadOS, in which Micay responded by accusing Seth of harassment instead. Micay has also weaponized Twitter reports to get the Twitter of James Donaldson banned, harassed a CalyxOS developer for contributing to another project, demanded code be removed from projects (twice!), started a slap-fight with F-Droid and then sperged about it on Twitter. Avoid this man at all cost or you may end up accidentally harassing and swatting him without moving a muscle.
"No More Discord!"
Drew DeVault
An opinionated asshole who happens to be a programmer. He believes free software should be political, shills his own software on 4chan, threatened and fought Gemini users over favicon support, went athiesm mode in a calculator community, believes Richard Stallman's Kind Community Guidelines were "deliberately written" to "protect" the right, hates Hacker News, and tries to shove his CoC everywhere.
Epik LLC
A domain provider that was great until an LLC took over and kicked out Brain Royce (the only one keeping the company together) and has now stolen domains, lied about it, then tried to sass their way out of it. Do not use under any circumstances.
Operated by Pittlik. The site is badly designed and frustrating to navigate. Can't forget to mention it only just recently fixed an XSS exploit that has been around for 9 years. Any form of critism towards the site or Tom is invalidated and Tom frequently bends the knee to anybody that complains.
An incredibly invasive monopoly that hates privacy, adblockers, or anything that doesn't make them money. Absolutely nothing is safe. If you use any Google product or service at all, they have enough to create a clone.
Originally apart of Copperhead Limited, and now developed stolen by Micay. The developers often joined Micay in many harassment campaigns, mass-reporting sprees, and ban anyone who disagrees in order to try and get their way. Despite him supposedly stepping down, the main Twitter continues the trend.
Maintained by DeVault. DeVault has also been responsible for plugging Hare and patting himself on the back for it on 4chans /g/ board.
Hari Rana (TheEvilSkeleton)
Posted this retarded take.
Hector Martin
A person with ego and an alter one known as "Lina", which is a v-tuber persona. They successfully petitioned and got the kernel to remove their requirement on submitting code with your real name. They have also fought against HackerNews because people brought up their concerns.
Liz-Fong Jones
Liz-Fong Jones is a rich rapist and censorship artist that uses their contacts to bully and take down anything revealing these truths online. They directly edit the Wikipedia pages of their own companies ( & Tall Poppy) by using their journalist connections to get articles lying for them so that they can use them as sources and leverages to abuse reports.
Maintained by Comandon. Refuses to take bug reports from Hyprland users.
Owned and operated by Pittlik. Web design company that is insanely bad. It is rumored that Pittlik bought his degree and it is very believable considering nothing his company has made looks usable at all. I feel bad for every company who hired this man and they are the ones that paid.
While good in hindsight, the execution of Mastodon is a load of bullshit ontop of bullshit. It works, but it is hard to deploy and the standard is bloated to all hell. Good luck even running one without running into CSAM issues.
Mathieu Comandon
Ignores and deletes bug reports on users utilizing software from communities he hates. Due to DeVaults rants about Hyprland, he has refused to take bug reports using it.
What is often the choice of communication within the most privacy-centric open source enthuasists, is the most bullshit bull-headed lie ever told. Matrix, while the software is open source, isn't even open source. The standard is incredibly bloated, non-centric, and a pain to deploy. Software selection is limited and the primary server software to run your own instance is made in python (why?).
Remember when Microsoft killed Netscape with a knife and got a slap on the wrist for it? I wish that was the only thing they did. They are a privacy nightmare that forces "pride" (that you can't remove) and needs to shove ads on your lockscreen. Not to mention their effort to "gender transition" on their employees children.
Primary maintainer of Pale Moon and an obnoxious furfag. Moonchild has banned AdNauseum for causing "human damage", banned NoScript for causing "website instability", has no problems with Cloudflares MitM, hates TOR, banned direct downloads of addons, purposely amputated User Agent overrides, and broken compatibility with older Firefox addons. This individual should not be trusted to update your browser.
Moonchild Productions
A company for Moonchild. Usually used to handle the ownership and copyright of assets for Pale Moon.
Mozilla Firefox
While a better alternative than Chrome, it still calls home often to Mozilla and isn't very privacy-friendly. Your best bet if you still want to use Firefox is to customize your profile using ffprofile.
A Canadian cat-animetard transgender far-left ActiveWorlds gatekeeper who is the reason why WideWorlds is completely shit. Completely immature when it comes to things they disagree with. Doesn't know how to actually code.
Despite "being respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences", NixOS moderators have banished and slandered the name of a former prominent member of its community, lying and exaggerating situations to prevent 'wrongthing'. This directly goes against their recently adopted CoC, which means they don't actually give a shit.
JavaScript should stay in the web browser.
Open Broadcaster Software
Refusing to support a contreversial streaming service because it "encourages detestable and vile content and creators" despite already supporting many porn cams. This decision was made by a user who contributed jack-shit besides a shitty CoC.
Imagine switching your browser to be a reskin of Chrome and then whining when privacy-focused writers call it spyware. That is what Opera did. Opera is also owned by a Chinese consortium since 2016, which is immediately always a no-go when it comes to privacy. Additionally, they now have ads on their GX varient.
Pale Moon
A fork of old Firefox and Gecko. Maintained and operated by Moonchild, with Tobin as a former developer before quiting. The project and its production is riddled with retarded choices and decisions that are harmful to the end user, making this browser useless.
A language way overused and overmade. It is not performant or optimized and is better for prototype testing than an actual application.
Maintained by DeVault. This unix shell also goes against POSIX.
This would be too long if I mentioned everything wrong with Reddit.
If the Code of Conduct wasn't already a problem, the community that obsessively works in the Rust language are ignorant of how to code and present an ego about it to everyone. You cannot mention you prefer C/C++ anywhere near these people or else they'd tell you all the bad misconceptions about it like it is true. Additionally, the usage of rustup or cargo is annoying and shouldn't exist in any language.
Stephen Chandler Paul (Lyude)
A RedHat fart-fetish transgender furry from the CoC team who got upset and then banned a contributing member because their community was "toxic", citing a break in the Code of conduct due to the community of the software they maintain, a software that has nothing to do with
A former developer of Pale Moon. Tobin has called someone an insect for archiving, often fought with contributors, shamed forks of the browser, and sperged out at Moonchild for being a fucking idiot before quitting.
Tom Pittlik
Operates Machinefloor, GameBanana, and Despite owning atleast three websites, he does not know how to develop a website. Any critism against him and his crap on the web gets you banned for being negative. It is a mystery on how his entire hard drive hasn't been wiped out yet.
In development for over a decade and still isn't easily usable today. Wayland is an attempt to break modularity and freedom within Linux, requiring users to use Pipewire for anything X11 could do alone. Over a decade of development and it is still not ready for anyone to use it.
A restoration of ActiveWorlds made in the shit called NodeJS. Despite being originally maintained by Blaxar, a very retarded individual known as Nekohime seems to control the community. Nekohime is responsible for banning and blocking a member who wanted to write about the project just because of their association with me. The situation has been detailed in this forum thread.
While a sound idea, it has become hell in practice. Wikipedia has rules that not even their own staff follow, allowing people of conflicting interest to edit their own articles and make them seem a lot greater. Not to mention that their neverending quest to affirm the pronouns of many have actual child predators looking like they can do no wrong from their Wikipedia articles. Don't forget that their sources have to be from the news (which uses Wikipedia as a source).

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