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I'm Wirlaburla and this is my site. I'm a hobby programmer that puts together mostly personal projects, but Worlio is my current pride and joy.

To some, I am controversial. I severely dislike the amount of censorship and privacy-invasion going on in todays Internet. I'm a big fan of freedom, whether that be to express or to create, and the modern Internet destroys both of those things. I prefer things I use to have personality, to feel like something with soul rather than a null-emotion corporate machine. Despite this, I firmly believe capitalism is not flawless but is the least flawed option, so no hammer and sickle for me.

I started coding at around 2017 with the Unity Engine, but I had an interest all the way back in 2011 with ROBLOX Lua. While I never got anywhere with either, it started my journey to where I'm at now. I find myself to be very adaptable to new tools, resources, and languages quickly. Give me the libraries, the documentation, and I might have something in a jiffy.

I think Internet privacy is important in the modern era of the web. I'm all for privacy and encourage others to do more to protect their own online. Doesn't matter if you have something to hide or not, people are using it to their advantage regardless of who you are. This is also the major reason why I'm a Linux user, and why I advocate for software freedom.


Got a question? Want to chat? Not a spammer?


I'm most active on XMPP, so that's a good place to reach me for quick responses. Otherwise, I check my emails every day.

Site Details

My personal site here is made using Quanta Plus, which the Trinity desktop also has. While I could easily (and have) make pages using a normal text editor, Quanta Plus just has some nice quality-of-life enjoyments that I utilize. Who needs anything beyond HTML 4 anyway?

A lot of assets within this site are made by me, especially things I say are made by me in the Goodies page. However, I do utilize some audio and textures from other places.

Worlds Chat Sky Pod Textures /
Worlds Chat - WOODY Avatar /goodies/index.html
Dungeon Keeper Spellbook
Various GeoCities*
Tux for Horgrathi - Jsepia* /assets/goody_linux.gif
Worlds Chat - sad15.mid 401.html
Worlds Chat XECDOOR & Door Glow*
Worlds Chat - 47a.snd 403.html
Worlds Chat Hex Grid Wall
Worlds Chat - 44e.mid 404.html
Worlds Chat Star-Scape Sky*
* Modified